Terese Mailhot: Self-Help Isn’t Enough for Native Women

Terese Mailhot in this article addresses the idea of self-help as being constructed excluding cultures and histories that ask for collective mourning and healing practices.

“Those doctors acted like grief was a bad thing, a thing to fix. They acted like sadness, melancholy, or depression was unnatural, but I think it’s a very real reaction to injustice. In my treatment there was no component to deal with my history, or my mother’s, not in any way that acknowledged that historical trauma is real and tangible to us, but abstract to them. It is a physical pain, and a constant thing, just like the love we feel moment to moment—when we consider our hands and feet, and that we survived, thrived, even. I speak generally, but it’s a common feeling.”

The full article can be accessed here: https://newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoday/archive/self-help-isn-t-enough-for-native-women-VFuayaPBp0uwkjJUYMutSQ/

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