#Status Update

This series of photographs using the Facebook status update format is a rendition in colour of Kalpana’s documentation of her emotions. While the Facebook status update feature offers the user colours, emoticons and text speaking/writing about mental health, about trauma presents its own difficulties and tends to stay in the space of the opaque. Here she renders the quantifiable (rage, anxiety, mood, speed of mind) into digital art staying within the realm of the opaque and yet creating a visual of what a certain day was like holding and keeping safe the gravity of what she feels while still being able to express it.

This series draws from the work of the Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara, specifically the series Date Paintings (1966 – 2014) as well as the colour field paintings by Mark Rothko, the abstract expressionist painter. The work also references Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy – a method of gaining back control via awareness and work on biological and social rhythms.